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Grumpy goes on about Banks

Don't We Just Love Our Banks?

I went to the bank this morning to deposit some money. As I left, the teller gave me the usual quick printout of how much was in the account. I was horrified to find significantly less than I had expected. Fortunately, in this branch of the bank, there is a machine that will give me a statement of my last few transactions. On trying this, Gordon Bennett, I was gobsmacked to see that all transactions made the previous Friday, two working days previous had been debited twice. As you can imagine, I was not a happy chappie with this and remonstrated most heatedly with the bank staff. He seemed most confused and frantically worked his keyboard to find more information.

At that point the Manager came over, having overheard our rather heated conversation. She was most apologetic stating that she had 'just' received an email notifying her that all transactions carried out nationwide by debit card the previous Friday had been debited to customer's accounts twice. She was not amused when I pointed out that this was not the Ulster Bank or the Royal Bank of Scotland. They, over the last few months, had expeienced technical issues of this sort. As usual the bank said that the matter would be corrected as soon as possible. I stated that I hoped that I would not incur bank charges had I been overdrawn as a result of this cock up.

It only goes to prove that technology can be wonderful when it works, but a pain in the butt when it doesn't. It also shows that it is essential to keep your finger on the pulse with any bank. They all seem to be having a whole raft of IT problems these days. Unless you spot them and query them, you are most unlikely to hear about them. The bank will certainly not offer the information uninvited!

I have checked my bank statement and found that things are now seemingly back to normal. What is so galling is that there is no sign whatsoever on the statement of any problem. The bottom line is, I had intended to pay a couple of bills but as a result of the bank cock up, I was unable to do so and had to pay them at a later date.

It is infuriating that;

1.the correction applied by the bank to my statement made it look to all intents and purposes as though there had never been a problem at all.

2.Furthermore, when you are overdrawn for as little as 24 hours the bank are very quick to hit you with, in some cases, punitive and extortionate charges. However, what seems to be sauce for the goose does not seem to be sauce for the gander as far as the banks are concerned. There has been no suggestion of them "fining" themselves by paying a modest sum of recompense to their long suffering customer.

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Gordon Bennett, what a shower of "-ankers" these people are!