The Grumpy Old Man

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Grumpy has lateral views on decision-making.

Do you sometimes find that life presents you with an intractable problem to solve?

Problem-solving and decision-making is never a straightforward task and is frequently fraught with worries as to whether we are doing the right thing. Sometimes, Grumpy has found that it is better to take a step back from the situation and ask yourself, "is now the right time to be taking this decision?"

Grumpy has found that when he is faced with a difficult problem and it is not crucial for a decision to be made now, this minute, then at some later time, more information has come to light changing the overall situation. The change can be minor or major but frequently it is sufficient to significantly modify the question being asked. Sometimes the question has even gone away completely. At other times the answer to the problem is so blatantly obvious, that Grumpy wonders how he ever let it become a problem in the first place!

So, if you are faced with solving a difficult problem, it could be that now is not the right time to resolve it. Be patient, trust in the greater forces that are at work. In many cases enlightenment will dawn on you when the time is right.

Trust Grumpy, in the past he has frequently been tearing out the sparse remains of his hair in frustration at trying to resolve a problem. Realisation has dawned that, for now, an answer to the problem is not actually crucial. In many cases the problem has just disappeared of its own accord.

Be patient, go with the flow, enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge that there are greater forces at work that secular life has largely ignored!