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....The Current Refugee Crisis....

...Causes and Effects of Current Refugee and Economic Migrant Crisis....

Grumpy is very confused about the current "refugee" crisis that is engulfing Europe. As with many of these situations, the crisis is far more extensive and far more serious than people (Joe public) realise, or politicians will admit. I also believe, the current situation is severely exacerbated by the over population of the world in general. Certain students of this subject believe that Homo Sapiens (in comparison with other species) is over populating the world by a factor of six to one. But more on that topic in a separate grump.

Before I go any further, I would like to say that I have every sympathy with the real "refugee" and understand, (although with far less sympathy), the motives of the "economic migrant". What makes me most annoyed, is that the economic migrant is acting from choice and taking advantage of the plight of the real refugee by hiding behind his status. The real refugee has no such choice in the matter.

But even with the refugee, I think there are many questions that need to be asked and it is difficult to decide just what the first question should be.

I would expect to see predominantly what can only be described as "family groups" comprising mother, father and offspring. How come we see huge numbers of "twenty-year-old" males apparently travelling on there own. I ask myself, where are they going to live and what are they going to do? Who is going to house, clothe and feed them? What skills do they bring? Do they speak the language of their target host country?

If we accept that the Civil War in Syria is the root cause of this mass migration then we need to ask ourselves, why is Europe suddenly being targeted by so-called refugees from other countries? People being interviewed on the television news openly admit that they come from Afghanistan (I thought the Civil War there had been largely sorted out), Iran (I thought relations between the West and Iran were becoming much more normal), Pakistan (I've heard very little of any form of civil war in Pakistan other than an overflow from the Afghani situation) and even North East and African states (they've all had Civil War for years, but to escape by travelling through Turkey hardly seems a direct route) and even western African states (by gum that's an awful long way round!) to name but a few. We can only assume that many of the people coming from these other states are actually economic migrants.

Perhaps we should ask why, if the Civil War in Syria has been going on for some four or five years, has this mass exodus from the area suddenly erupted. From reading press reports on the huge numbers of refugee camps that have been set up particularly in Jordan and Lebanon, it is clear that the numbers involved have imposed a huge strain on the national economy of these countries. In fact it has been suggested that this sudden mass migration has been caused by these countries being brought to the brink of economic disaster due to their efforts to support the refugees. Perhaps we in Europe should heed this as a warning.

A further factor that has increased the flow of these migrants must be the statement made by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing that Germany would take allcomers. If that's not a statement that can only result in a huge surge I don't know what is! This statement, an off-the-cuff knee-jerk reaction, will probably, eventually, bring the downfall of her own political life and change the face of Europe forever. If the invitation originated from her Civil Servants, then I believe that both they and Mrs Merkel were very ill advised. What really makes me wild, is that having put her foot in it, she then tried to impose that commitment on the rest of the EU in general. She may be Chancellor of Germany but certainly she is not the head honcho of the EU. Telling the rest of Europe what to do, so that she can assuage a national conscience is, to put it mildly, a bit of a liberty!

I also find it very difficult to see what all of these migrants are going to do when they arrive at their final destination. After all, Grumpy would observe that there is still a degree of unemployment around the EU. Overall, the unemployment rate is around eleven percent and in some countries the rate is as high as twenty-five percent. Furthermore, as you will see from other grumps (thegrumpyoldmn/life5) there is huge age discrimination already making employment for many beyond the age of forty-five or fifty impossible. For the refugee this situation will be further exacerbated by the poor linguistic abilities that many of them must have with respect to their preferred host country.

This observation naturally leads to question the aspirations of many of these refugees and economic migrants. They all want an education (they expect this to be free, but somebody has to pay) and many of them seem to want to become Doctors or, no doubt, some other highly paid professional. (Don't we all, but many of us would find meeting the medical school entry requirements very difficult). This also appears to be on the free expectation list.

As Grumpy has said before, 'ya don't get owt fa nowt' in this world, and this seems to be a lesson that nobody ever seems to learn. It is the taxpayer in any country who ultimately foots the bill. School and University education are paid for by the taxpayer over the whole of his working life, supplemented in the case of universities, by tuition fees. The refugees and migrants, they have paid nothing "in", so who is going to foot the bill to make their dreams come true? If the numbers had not been so huge, the recipient country could pay, but we have already seen that both the initial recipient countries ( Lebanon and Jordan) have been brought to their financial knees by the burden of trying to support these numbers.

Grumpy accepts that this may seem very uncharitable, but it appears that, before they even left their homeland, many had chosen a host country regardless of whether this country is willing or even able to take them in. They seem determined to go wherever they want to, on their terms, paying scant regard to the legal requirements of the EU or the host country they have chosen. In some cases they are even going to the extremes of riot in an effort to achieve these aims. It may be that after three, four or five years of trying to survive a civil war, this sort of behaviour is what they have learned is the only method of survival.

This certainly doesn't bode well for the streets of Europe or any other civilised society. We must all follow the basic rule of law of the society in which we live. The EU already has an established framework (set of rules) for handling refugees entering Europe. It seems that in the early stages of the crisis some EU leaders were falling over themselves in order to facilitate the refugee at the expense of these rules. Other countries much more in the front line of the flow the refugees, tried to impose these rules. It's not surprising that the end result was complete and utter chaos created by the EU leaders themselves.

How in the world are these refugees/migrants going to be assimilated and accepted into Europe if this is the standard being set by the EU leaders? One of the best ways to get them accepted in the community is for them to be fully dispersed rather than being allowed to set up ghettos. Unfortunately the ghetto culture is already being supported by some EU leaders as we hear of complete apartment blocks in Germany being cleared of their current occupants to make way for the incomers. What a recipe for a disaster this is.

Grumpy accepts that the UK still has some racial tensions, nevertheless we can see the effect of a much broader assimilation of the immigrants who came to Britain during the 1950s and later, into the wider community. This is shown by how those immigrants and their descendants are now becoming what can only be described as "true Brits". They certainly seem to be able to hold down key positions in such flagships of British life as the BBC and it is fantastic to see so many of them representing every aspect of the wide ranging and multicultural views of their particular community in Parliament.

However there are still many areas where immigrants have congregated together. We hear of (for example) ethnic communities in the British Midlands trying to "take over" local schools turning them into religious hotbeds. In Grumpy's view, they came to Britain for a British way of life and therefore should embrace the standards, values and ethics of Britain. It is wrong for them to try and impose their religious views on the rest of the population, particularly at the taxpayers expense. In Grumpy's opinion, it is also wrong for them to use education to propound their religious dogma. In his view, basic education should encompass the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) and most certainly should not include any religious teachings whatsoever. Some European countries totally ban religious education from schools. In pursuit of a stable, peaceful, multicultural society there is much to merit this approach.

It is easy to grumble about these things without passing comment on a potential solution. It is unfortunate that the solution is almost as intractable as the cause. However, grumpy feels the European leaders should spend more time in pursuit of this aim. Let's face it, some EU countries, for example Holland and the UK are already full. They cannot really take any more people without bringing serious consequences to the social structure and prejudicing the future prosperity of generations to come.

Grumpy believes that the British Prime Minister's approach is the only long-term way forwards. The flow of immigrants needs to be stopped at source and therefore huge diplomatic efforts must be made to persuade them not to leave their home country. Unfortunately, there are so many civil wars and bush fights going on, that resolving all of them is going to be an uphill task. However, if this problem is not resolved Grumpy is convinced that it will become a disaster not only for the EU but for those countries from which the refugees and migrants have fled. It already appears that there is little left of many of these countries, but rubble.

Whatever happens it will certainly irrevocably change the face of Europe (even if it only makes the Schengen Agreement unworkable) and if the pace and volume of this migration continues to increase it will also similarly affect the rest of the world.

Perhaps in a more ideal world the armed services could be put to far more useful environmental work aimed at saving the planet. But with the psychological make up of Man, Grumpy believes that this to be pie in the sky and wishful thinking.