The Grumpy Old Man

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Grumpy asks 'is chivalry completely dead?'

Be embarrassed and filled with shame if you fit any of the stereotypes portrayed by these 'erberts' below!

Well, so far I can see chivalry has died the death completely.

Let me explain, we live opposite a fairly large hotel. By all accounts, not cheap. I find it absolutely fascinating to look from my 'office' at 'Joe Public' coming and going from the foyer. The dress standard of a huge proportion of the clientele, particularly the lads as they leave for a night 'on the town', leaves much to be desired. I'm not inferring that the hotel caters for the hobbledey-hoy, but these lads are hardly what I would call 'smartly turned out' and far removed from my idea of 'well scrubbed up'. Certainly, they are streets away from the standards that I and my peer group achieved many years ago and, I might add, with a much smaller budget than the younger generation enjoy today. Some of the lassies, on the other hand, look very clean and smart although some of the "fashions" seem a little odd (but then I am sure my parents thought that about our fashions, so I accept that in this instance, it is just me being an old fogey!). My main concern is the standards of the lads. The lassies have clearly made a real effort and yet the lads seem to think that unshaven and wearing any old T-shirt, scruffy jeans and trainers will pull the birds. Personally if I was a young lady being chatted up by one of these 'erberts, I would feel grossly insulted and wonder who the hell he thought he was. But then, perhaps these lassies just like a bit of rough!

The young man of today clearly couldn't give a toss at what he looks like or even make a modest effort to try and make himself look half respectable or presentable. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I believe that it really shows little in the way of respect for the person on whom you are trying to make an impression. One can only think that ultimately, these young ladies just make the best of a bad job when picking a mate. Or maybe their standards of self worth are not as high as they should be.

Speaking from a purely personal view, I wouldn't dream of going out with Mrs Grumpy if I were dressed the way these 'erberts do. It may seem a small thing but I do believe it is down to basic etiquette or one of the little things making life that much more enjoyable for the rest of us. (Perhaps, in this case, the young lady you are trying to impress).

Years ago, I was taught that gentlemen always walk on the outside. This common courtesy was to enable you to protect your young lady. Nobody seems to bother with that these days, in fact more often than not you will find the so-called gentleman slouching along on the inside of the footpath. I would hardly call that chivalrous.

But let's take a step back from all of this. What can we really expect when we see people on the television looking as though they are struggling to get over a night on the tiles. Gordon Bennett, what a turn off. As celebrities, politicians or whatever, these people should be role models for the man in the street. In my humble opinion, slovenly dress is an insult, the person being interviewed is actually saying that he couldn't give a toss what he looks like. In fact he is saying that his time is far more important than yours. Now if that's not downright rude and arrogant I really don't know what is.

And as for our elected public representatives appearing in our parliament looking like the wild man from Borneo, well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs, I believe that such a standard of turn out is actually a slap in the face for all the constituents who were daft enough to vote for him.

So come on lads, smarten yourselves up, and get yourself a shave, some decent shirts and kecks, after all, the cost of a bar of soap never broke the bank.