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...Politicians total inactivity regarding eco matters.....

...A look at the total inactivity of Irish politicians on matters eco....

Grumpy has already written about politicians attending conferences, agreeing highfalutin protocols, coming back home and then doing llareggub (courtesy of Dylan Thomas) towards that which they have signed up to. ( more..... )

I write this comment on the basis of an article in the Irish popular press which once again queries Ireland's commitment to eco-matters. There is huge fresh evidence that Ireland will miss emission targets quite comprehensively. It also says that Ireland's natural Heritage is being whittled away by human exploitation ( more..... ). Not only that, but Ireland will miss the pledge to decarbonise the economy before 2050 by a substantial margin.

What is concerning about the statement is that it originated from a government report written in 1969! Long before the term climate change was ever coined.

Ireland projects itself around the world as being clean and green but Grumpy feels that view goes little further than the literature of tourist boards. Examples of this can be seen in more..... .

The attitude of the Irish politicians is absolutely appalling and without major new policies and measures, Ireland will miss its 2050 objective of reduced greenhouse gas emissions by a very large margin. Drastic action is needed now. It is high time that politicians and hangers on cease to make excuses as to why they cannot or are not prepared to do anything. It is not acceptable that eco-measures will affect jobs in a particular country, of course they will. To do nothing will produce an even bigger catastrophe when there are no jobs for anybody. It is incumbent on every nation to do what they can to reduce the problem.

Concerted determined action does work, as an example, when holes were found in the ozone layer in the 1980s coordinated and determined international pressure produced action in the 1990s, and the ozone layer is now beginning to heal itself even if it is predicted to take till 2080 to complete the process. So these problems can be solved.

It is an interesting case that nearly a third of Ireland's greenhouse gases are generated by agriculture. One would have thought that targeting this could have produced quite a rapid improvement All that happens is that so-called learned articles are written ( more..... ) suggesting that Ireland can carry on producing this level of pollution by paying a fee for carbon trading. This is an absolutely crazy, head in the sand notion, as the carbon trading system was only ever set up as an interim solution, giving countries time to implement appropriate action to reduce their carbon levels. It was never intended to be the be all and end all of resolving the problem.

The writing has been on the wall for decades and the longer it stays there with nothing being done will make the problem that much more difficult, ultimately insurmountable. Successive Irish governments have again failed to even try to understand the problem let alone tackle it. Agricultural bodies ducked behind the attitude that it is fundamental to Ireland's economy.

This is plain bollocks

Some years ago Ireland had Green Party representation in government and steps seem to be beginning to be taken to resolve the problem. Since the departure of the Green Party from government the impetus seem to have been lost completely.

It is interesting that the general public actually wants something to be done. The will to act responsibly is lacking by the polluter.

As an example of this, I witnessed a farmer, in the pouring rain, pumping the contents of a slurry browser directly into a small stream. There was so much sh*t going into that little stream that even though it was raining heavily, there was more sh*t than water. That, I regard as totally irresponsible as about half a mile downstream ran a salmon river which was clearly going to be grossly polluted. The farmer clearly didn't give a toss because as far as he was concerned he was getting rid of his rubbish and it was up to somebody else to pay to clear it up ( more..... ).

In another instance Mrs Grumpy was recently in the local hospital waiting room and general conversation moved to taking care of the environment. One man recounted how he had questioned his local farmers application of weedkiller to his fields and was in no uncertain terms told to mind his own business. What is so sickening about this approach is that Grumpy knows from personal experience that many modern weedkillers, kill not only weeds, but all other life in the soil, producing a sterile, wormless, lifeless soggy mass. One thing led to another and being a hospital, other people waiting passed adverse comment on the way the agricultural industry uses antibiotics and so contributes to antibiotics drug-resistant disease ( more.....). That in itself is another story however but both situations indicate that Joe public is far more receptive to doing his bit than politicians realise.

It is high time that these politicians woke up and did something about the levels of greenhouse gases being produced in Ireland particularly by the energy supply industry (who still burn large quantities of fossil fuels and would you believe peat!) and agriculture. At the end of the day, something needs to be done. Perhaps farmers should diversify their production, grow biofuels, different vegetables or new breeds of animals should be developed that are not quite so flatulent as the average bovine.