The Grumpy Old Man

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Grumpy gets very hot under the collar about awkward websites

Do you find that you go round and round in circles on some sites or can never find what you want?

I daresay that many of you will have plenty to say about my website when you read my views on other people's sites, so before you clever dicks start, touché.

I recently got extremely frustrated when trying to find, via the internet, additional information on a product I had recently purchased. Frequently, these days, product documentation supplied with an item is at best generally poor, confusing or just plain non-existent.

As an example of this, I recently purchased a one terabyte standalone USB storage device. I intended to use this as a backup facility for our computers at home rather than Norton Ghost which no longer seems to be fully supported or available. The information supplied with the memory was pretty average. As usual it was not totally complete and I had great difficulty in getting it to perform one particular operation. I therefore decided to seek further support and information from the manufacturers website. Gordon Bennett, I wished I hadn't bothered. The site was absolutely huge and navigation around it was via a large number of enormous drop down (select from this) lists, none of the choices from any of these fitted the description or even the part number of the item I had purchased. On two or three occasions during this search, I actually gave up and went off to do something else, coming back a few days later to have another bash. Eventually, I did find what the problem was. It seemed it was actually manufactured by Company "A", rebranded and sold on by company "B". I purchased the equipment as though it was a product of Company "B". After all, it was their name and part number written on the outside of the equipment! There was no information indicating that the item was actually manufactured by company "A". Follow that convoluted rigmarole if you can! Once I searched company "A" website, I did eventually find what I wanted, but Gordon Bennett, what a flipping fag. Why in the world company "A" couldn't market the device under their own name I don't know.

As an aside I find this sort of thing happens time and time again when I search for information, I can't find it. When I come back a few days later and use the same search factors and search engines, it frequently returns exactly what I am looking for. Explain that if you can! Perhaps websites do have a mind of their own!