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Early August 2020

this is the first of my blogs and they are intended to be short sharp comments on what is happening currently in the world.

Coronovirus or Covid 19 and Illegal immegration into the UK

There are currently two big events in northern Europe and these are the current Covid 19 pandemic and the huge influx of immigrants trying to get to the UK.

With covid 19, many countries, including the UK are extracting themselves from lockdown. This has resulted in a huge relaxation by the general public of the restrictions placed on them, resulting in droves of self-centred idiots, who have nothing between the ears, flocking to beaches around the country and because of the numbers turning up, having to sit cheek by jowl with a neighbour and therefore providing a prime scenario for spreading the virus. What is perhaps worse having no information on who these close contacts may be to allow adequate tracing. This behaviour is ignorant, self-centred and in Grumpy's view totally inexcusable and shows that Joe public has no common sense, joined up thinking or consideration for his neighbour. It is hightime the Government started to acknowledge this and act accordingly with clarity and assertiveness.

Remaining with Covid 19, I am disgusted although surprised with the number of people who are trying to go abroad for holidays already. Yes the government has a green list of countries that can be visited without restriction, but they have also stated that this list can change overnight. (Which it already has catching a number of these idiots out. They only have themselves to blame, again showing no common sense, joined up thinking but demonstrating a totally self centred attitude. I only hope the government does not contribute to repatriating these idiots)

Grumpy is quite disgusted at the response of the media to these fools caught overseas as they are reported as hard done by. Grumpy is not in favour of censorship but does believe that the nuance of reporting could be more biased towards containing the virus rather than the so-called "hardship" of these people. The media also show a Spanish barman complaining he cannot go back to work. Once again this report has shown the totally wrong bias and should be emphasising that staying at home will contribute towards containing the virus. After all, some of us have not had a foreign holiday for a years, and do we complain? Get real, people, and stop expecting someone else to bail you out. See also money4 by ....clicking here....

Regarding this green list, it does not surprise me that some countries are complaining that they are not on the UK list. This shows little respect for efforts being made by the UK government to contain the virus, but only the financial interest of the complaining country. They should know better as they could be next to be hit by the second wave. The list is not about their business problems rather than controlling the virus in the UK

Finally the public must smarten up and appreciate and accept that very little is known about this virus, it is here with us now, it cannot be seen, tasted, smelt or felt and it is a killer . Life has changed irreversibly by this virus, get used to the new 'now' use the experience as practise for the next virus which could be far worse and more dangerous and here tomorrow.

there seem to be a huge numbers of immigrants trying to enter the UK illegally via rubber dinghies across the English Channel. It certainly strikes Grumpy that the majority of these are economic migrants rather than political asylum seekers. One must wonder why they go to so much effort to cross a free Europe and still try to get to the UK. The only thing Grumpy can think of is that the UK is seen overseas as a soft touch. Certainly the efforts that are made in the English Channel would suggest that. After all, Grumpy understands that international law states that political asylum seekers should seek that asylum in the first country that they enter after leaving their own country. On that basis Grumpy observes that they must have passed through a dozen countries heading for the UK. Additionally it is known that they originate in their rubber dinghies from France so why in the world do the UK border Force/patrols bring them into the UK and not return them direct to France. I am sure that once on British soil quite a number of them "disappear into the woodwork". After all, do they claim persecution in France? Send them back, the UK is already overfull!

17th August 2020

in the environmental news, I see plastic in the ocean is still a huge and ever-growing problem, Unless there is urgent sustained action to address the problem, plastic floating in the oceans will triple by twenty forty reaching a total of 600,000,000 tonnes. Steps recommended include a reduction in plastic production and consumption (substituting alternatives such as paper and compostable materials), designing products and packaging that are easier to recycle, improving waste collection rates worldwide together with hugely increased recycling. In addition to these such projects as the development of the ocean cleanup the boom should be accelerated, improved and deployed in far more places. See eco12-1 ....clicking here..... As you see, many of these are the responsibility of Joe Public

on the political front I see your friend and mine Donald Trump has again been making not only ridiculous but very dangerous comments associated with climate change. He is going to "make America great again on the back of fossil fuels like coal and oil". What a nincompoop the man is. It beggars belief that a country capable of sending men to the moon and building spaceships that leave our solar system, (and after 40 years, still work! both projects being science and engineering) can elect such a fool as President. He denies other assertions of these self same scientists and engineers that fossil fuels are one of the major sources of global warming because, well I am not sure why, perhaps it is just ignorance, but these gases still collect in the upper atmosphere and plastic still cloggs our oceans, inflicting a terrible death on our waterborne compatriots and eco system. If nothing is done about this ignoramous, he, personally will herald the extinction of Homo sapiens and many other species on our beautiful green planet. Either that or we must admire his huge and widespread genius and wisdom, no, for Grumpy the bloke is not only an absolute plonker but horrendously dangerous for us all.

19th August 2020

environmental, news, plastic again , Ocean plastic is again in the national news, in addition to the comments made above! What really pi**es me off is that everyone is talking about it, they are all aware of the problem but, apart from a piddling plastic bag levy, llareggub is being physically done. Why are my purchases still wrapped in platic that leaches chemicals into the food. Why are fast food takeways still operating AT ALL? Grumpy lives in a touristy village on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. During lockdown it was delightfully clean, quiet and actually a very plesant place to be. Since lockdown was relaxed, the place, particularly on a monday morning, is like garbage tip, come on councils, step up to the plate and say "no more carryouts", don't just employ an extra bloke to tidy up, that is ducking the issue, stop the source by banning carry outs completely. As an aside, in the evenings, when I take my late constitutional and see what people are spending their money on, I invariably think, "Gordon Bennett, they are not actually going to eat that stuff as well are they?" Nuff sed.

Grumpy has written at great length on the topic, see eco 12 by ....clicking here....

it is great to see lockdown being eased and life approaching what is becoming the "new normal". I actually find it incredible that every time a step is taken to ease lockdown, one sees (on national prime-time national news programmes for heaven's sake) an army of people in the kiddies playground, the hairdressers, the nail bar, the cafe and in many other establishments, with squeezy/squirty bottles or even I have even seen some with huge backpacks going around religiously squirting, scrubbing, polishing and wiping down in preparation for Joe public's return. What horrifies me is that this goes on as something special, Gordon Bennett, the proprietors of these establishments should most surely have been doing this before lockdown. One wonders what hygiene nasties were growing in these establishments before lockdown?

I read that the union flag is to fly on major projects and schemes in Scotland subsidised by the Westminster government. It is high time that Boris and crew ensured that the Scottish people realised that on per capita basis and as a group, they each receive more annual funding than the English. Yes, the union is worth fighting for and that includes Wales and Northern Ireland. Should Scotland voted to secede from the United Kingdom, then I am sure that the "troubles" in Northern Ireland could be reignited.

27th August 2020

regarding coronavirus distancing/socialising/travel guidelines, and the politicians who ignore them, unlike Phil Hogan who has just resigned, (even if he was slow at doing it, and I take my hat off to the bloke) who did eventually get there. ( He attended an Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) Golf Society dinner with some eighty other people. how many other people's representatives attended the function and how many of them intend resigning, for example, a High Court Judge ?) Or is the message they wish to send to the electorate "do as I say, not as I do". These representatives should remember the (true) tale of Padriag Flynn, an ex Irish MP and EU Commissioner. He had been very successful in securing funding for all sorts of projects for his home constituency, so much so that, as you passed through it, government expenditure could be seen all over the place. This made him very appreciated, locally. Until he appeared on a very popular prime time national TV chat show and stated that he owned "three houses, one in his constituency, one in Dublin and one in Brussels." He then went on to boast "running three houses costs an absolute fortune, I tell you, try it some time, it's not easy on three hundred thousand a year!" I remember thinking to myself at the time "that's the end of his political career". How right I was, the ubiquitous electorate in his constituency voted heavily against him in the next election, and he was out. And I might add very little has been heard of him since. Even more interesting, is that he has a daughter who also had a high profile position with a financial (tax) advisory company and was regularly mentioned in Irish media. Little has been heard of her since her father put his size tens in his gob. At the end of the day, these idiots should remember that they are only in their current situation on a temporary basis due to the grace and favour of the electorate.

I am horrified at the current trend to rewrite history that seems to be gaining favour in the UK first I would like to reinforce the view that I wholeheartedly agree and support the way communities in the UK are managing to integrate. It is not an easy task and problems will continue to pop up even with second or third generation immigrants. What I will say is to the "black lives matter" people is that " ALL lives matter". What I do not agree with is the methods that are being used by them and other groups who believe they have an axe to grind. Taking black lives matter as an example, it is wrong for them to tear down statues and demand the renaming of concert halls, streets, squares and even schools. These people are taking a very narrowminded and parochial attitude to, in this case slavery, and should understand that these statues etc should serve as a permanent reminder of man's inhumanity to man. Expanding the argument a little I understand that there is pressure at Oxford University to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes. I ask that if they feel so strongly about it, do they want to dismantle the Cecil Rhodes foundation that, even now, provides Rhodes scholarships to assist foreign students to study at Oxford University. By all means remember what Rhodes, Colston (in Bristol) and many others did to earn their vast fortunes. But remember them as an example of a bygone era in which many activities carried out we now find totally unacceptable and repugnant. Let the statuary serve as a permanent reminder of the iniquitous activities.

it is ridiculous that the politically correct zealots are casting their eyes on songs such as "Rule Britannia" sung with patriotic fervour and clear pleasure to the vocalists at the "Last Night of the Proms". (I have observed elsewhere on the website that political correctness has already got rediculous and has already killed much of comedy and has got to the stage where political correctness is, in actual fact, becoming politically incorrect!) The people who are looking at things like "Rule Britannia" and demanding the removal of statues and memorials to past activities must really stop and ask if they really do want to rewrite history in their own sight. If they feel that way, they should first read George Orwell's "nineteen eighty-four" and then ask themselves is THAT the sort of a country they want to live in, where whole government departments spend their lives rewriting history to reflect the "truth", that which is politically correct at that time. I am sure they don't, otherwise they should go (or emigrate) to a state where free thought and speech is not allowed. Many of them are claiming to escape such totalitarianism and desire to come to a country that is steeped in history. I agree not all of that history is pleasant, but that is no reason to try to whitewash it out of existence, quite the contrary it should be left there, and taught about in our schools so that we all know how NOT to behave. If people want to be told what to think, perhaps they should live in a totalitarian state like China or Russia. The greatness of the UK is in this diversity of tolernce, opinion, view, the background is history, together with a tolerance of this variety. On a lighter note on singing, "Rule Britannia", I must insist that if something is pleasurable, it does not necessarily follow that it is sinful!

31st August 2020

just had a letter from my bank which surprised me, it seems that they have listened to my comments, no doubt with many other similar ones, on the use of single use passcodes sent to your mobile phone (which I don't have or use) while out shopping and on line shopping. (there must have been a 'choral protest', one where many are in unison!) The bank are now arranging for us to have a seperate 'thingy' (perhaps a "dongle"), that generates a single use pass code to confirm who you are. This is getting mental, I suppose they will call it a credit credit card! Oh well, at least someone has listened, even if their whacky solution makes life more complicated for us all! Hey Ho!

14th September 2020

it seems that the badger cull in the UK is going to go ahead which I find absolutely disgusting and appalling for a numbr of reasons. As far as I can see the cull could be claimed to be illegal. This is because in nineteen ninety-two there was a "protection of badgers" act passed by the UK Parliament, which stated "it is an offence to wilfully kill, injure, take a badger or attempt so to do. Furthermore, I understand that there is no scientific evidence to prove that the badgers carry TB and pass it on to cattle. (This seems to be a fairly common view amongst farmers who can find no other path for the disease.) Some scientific thought suggests that it is the cattle who are passing the TB to the badgers. One wonders where that argument would lead. To me it seems an absolutely crazy solution to destroy seventy thousand of these gentle, beautiful, shy creatures. I have seen them frequently in the wild and have always been struck by how gentle clean, and when caring for their young, very sensitive creatures. When one hears that many species on the planet are faced with extinction, it is criminal for the government to sponsor the extermination of such a large number of animals. It seems even more ridiculous that ruminants (cows et cetera) are well known to be generators of vast quantities of greenhouse gas and are therefore a major contributor to global warming. Surely then the government should be encouraging the farmer to diversify into producing "arable protein" rather than dairy and beef which is unnecessarily producing a huge environmental load on the long suffering planet. It is interesting that the public are already consuming less beef and dairy products with this in mind. Governments must get on the bandwagon and encourage this movement rather than the tomfoolery of supporting animal production for food. Farmers should wise up, diversify or get out of farming Finally, I must add that it is well known that if large numbers of badgers are killed over a small area (creating a vacuum) then other badgers will move into that vacuum and repopulate it very quickly. To me, that seems obvious as that local environment clearly suites these lovely animals

UK has recently completed a trade deal with Japan. This deal does not allow Japanese courts to supervise UK legal process, so why is the EU demanding it, who are these people are, are they the Mafia? The deal does not require UK industrial strategy to have the nod of approval from Japan, so why is the EU demanding it? Does the Japanese trade deal demand financial payment to Japan, no, of course it doesn't, so why is the EU demanding it? These are but three examples of a sensible trade deal and examples of some of the ridiculous demands that the EU is making to allow the UK access to their market. ( see bigbro5 by ....clicking here.... ) As for the demand of access to UK fishing waters, I find that ludicrous, as only last year French fishermen were having a hissy fit about UK fishermen taking scallops from French waters, even though from the point of view of the EU, this is acceptable. I would observe that after the UK leaves the EU, UK waters are part of the sovereign UK territory so why should anyone else feel they can demand fishing access to them? The EU have demanded a level playing field and yet they don't seem to know what that is. As an example, state aid to business is outlawed unless you are a number of "the club" in the EU. One sees that the German airline Lufthansa had so much state aid pressed on the them that it was reported in some financial papers that they were at a bit of a loss as to what to do with all the money, nice if you can get it, but the money has to come from somewhere and I have no doubt that that "somewhere" needed the money far more than Lufthansa. Or perhaps the taxpaying public should have had a say in the matter. At the end of the day it is apparent to Grumpy that there is one law for the Mafia, and one for everyone else. It seems that the EU have rules for their community which they can ignore if they feel like it and impose if they feel like it. What a way to run a ship, it is no wonder that the UK wants out, and that the EU, not the UK are the ones being bloody-minded about this trade deal. I'm not familiar with Boris's internal market Bill, but I suspect that it is largely to tell the EU to wise up and realise that they are dealing with somebody who will stand up for the U.K.'s interests and not sign up to anything for the sake of a deal. After all I have said earlier on the website that the EU team should look up the word "negotiate"in an English dictionary as the way they are behaving suggests it means something else around Europe. Or are they really no better than the Mafia, taking a "do as I say, or I'll knock the ess-h-one-tee outta ya", attitude, that really is bully boy's playground tactics. Perhaps they are themselves sore at someone else being prepared to go against the law!

20th September 2020

A hard border in Ireland? not what anyone wants, but it is clear that two interntional treaties are at mutual loggerheads over the situation. It is also clear that it is a circle requiring to be squared. This is apparently something our politicians are incapable of doing. It will require common sense and give and take on both sides. Virtues that seem obvious by their very absence from the negotiations. no one will succeed if anyone has 'red lines' Oh yes and the Trumpites are even more lacking in these virtues, so it will be waste of time involving THEM!

21st September 2020

mobile phones hazardous to health? More evidence has been unearthed that further supports assertions made some time ago by Grumpy on the dangers of mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.see eco17 by (....clicking here.... ). It seems that a recent analysis of 190 studies in Germany show that, in addition to the problems of insecticides see eco 10 by (="eco10.html">....clicking here.... ) there is evidence that electromagnetic radiation is having a distinct and discernible negative impact on the insect world. This is exceedingly worrying on a number of fronts. Insects are major pollinators of all of our plant-based food and I would observe that in farming, the animals are frequently fed plant-based feed, consequently, in one way or another, all our food can be traced back to plant pollination. If insects are the major pollinators of the plants then a reduction in the insect population can only ulttimately result in a reduction in the food supply. The study showed that electromagnetic radiation from telephones and Wi-Fi can disrupt circadian rhythms and the immune system of the insects. This the studies showed that the dramatic decline in insects could be attributed to the growth in mobile phones and Wi-Fi radiation. What I find alarming is that in basic terms, insects operate in much the same way as us humans in that, except due to the difference in size maybe to a lesser degree than with the insects, our circadian rhythms and immune system could be adversely affected. The problem is of course, to get back to mobile phones, they have become so much of our daily life and powerful economic interests are at work with all of the mobile telecommunications companies , with the topic is becoming even more politically sensitive with the furore over the Chinese company Huawei. Perhaps now is the time to abandon our mobile phones, because in addition to the above it has been found that the radiation from the screens can affect men's fertility! It is interesting that one of the test vehicles for much biological research is Drosophila Melanogaster ( the fruit fly!), which is of course an insect, ergo, what affects the fruit fly can also affect Man.

Perhaps the time is coming when governments will listen to all that scientists have to say and then act accordingly on all of the advice (not a bit here and a bit there) so, in the long-term they can begin to give the global warming fight some credibility. Perhaps the government should take less notice and investigate in much deeper detail when companies involved are making a financial killing, sometimes called vested interest. Most of the time vested interests are ignored particularly if they provide significant funds to the political party currently in government. I know that there is legislation in place to try and reduce this but I am sure that the age old adage "if there is a will, there is a way!" will apply.

21st September 2020

we regularly hear on wildlife programmes on the telly that particularly birds and hedgehogs are in serious decline I have also seen reports that toads, frogs and newts are also under pressure. Are all you gardeners aware that you are contributing to this decline by the use of slug pellets containing metaldehyde? I bet that most of the stuff that you kill using these pellets is left on the ground to be eaten by other animals and birds including your pets. Were you aware that metaldehyde is not broken down by these "predators" but slowly builds up in their bodies and eventually kills them. This effect is well known and there were plans to ban the sale of these toxic pellets in 2019. It was disputed by the manufacturer of these pellets (who clearly had a vested interest in the continued sale of them) who claimed they were not a danger, consequently the ban was put on a hold. Following further investigations carried out by an independent government expert committee on pesticides it was found that the risks metaldehyde poses to birds and mammals is so compelling that the ban is now going ahead. What Grumpy finds so absolutely crass and stupid is that the manufacturers have been given until the 2022 to phase out the sale of this disgusting lethal rubbish, why in the world and not ban it today? Vested interests strike once again and the natural world and ultimately you and I must suffer, and the people permitting this are supposed to be our government, what a shower of plonkers they they all are!