The Grumpy Old Man

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About Grumpy

Grumpy is a retired Electronics Engineer currently living on the West Coast of Ireland. During his working life he has lived and worked in many parts of England, Wales and Scotland additionally spending some time on secondment to the firm's outpost in Australia.

Much of his working life was spent in the defence industry working with computers although he did have a short time in the consumer electronics business.

Following the hostile takeover of the company for which he had worked for 23 years, Grumpy was made redundant. Being of mature years, finding alternative employment proved more than somewhat difficult and so he and Mrs Grumpy bought a small retail business in the North of England.

Divorced and remarried with a total of five children, birth and step together with seven grandchildren he believes his life has been varied, colourful and interesting.

Such variety he believes gives him the wide experience qualifying him to pass reasoned comment and advice on life today.

Although he writes as 'Grumpy', he does maintain a positive outlook, always able to laugh at life including himself, while boasting that his main attribute is his innate modesty.