Grumpy welcomes you to his site. At the moment, I am not asking you to register as I feel that far, far too many sites ask you to do this when it is quite unnecessary! In fact, I personally find it very annoying! (grump, grump)

I have tried to make the site as dyslexia friendly as possible. If you can see improvements that could be made in this or any other area, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Finally, let me assure all my valued visitors that I do not and will not collect any contact data from your emails or other source from which to build a 'client list' that I can then sell or divulge to a third party.

For information, the site is (for the moment) best viewed on a PC. For those of you using tablets or smaller devices, I would be most interested in how you get on! Thanks.

This website uses a modest amount of sound on some (not all) 'grumps'.

So, please ensure that your sound is on and your speakers turned up!

I aim to update the site with new grumps on a fairly regular basis, (I must confess that I have rather a large list backed up already.) These, I hope will be fairly evenly distributed across each of the categories. When a new grump comes up I will label it as such, so that regular visitors can see the new stuff quite easily!

I hope you enjoy and find stimulating my off beat views on 'life'!


grumpy pic